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Circle is more than a student agency that aims to assist students before and after their university life. Circle offers mentoring a system for the students to assist and help them before, during, and after their university life.



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Circle assisted me in addition to many other individuals facing a range of barriers to find the best track for educational potential by providing a series of strategies and specialized support!

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Egypt, phycology

I've been to many events with them and my favorite was rafting! The energy and enthusiasm that I feel while hanging out them is just great! Back in university Bingo was my second family.

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From Syria

You have shown you’re the meaning of family spirit through your cooperation and gameplay. Thank you for of creating that powerful team (Bingo) with it right now people are overwhelmed with love and unity. Due to the activities that took place at university people started bonding and started sharing ideas and improve in academics.

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Tshoanelo Christopher Motsalane

From South Africa, Software Engineering