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20 yeras of experience

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Why Circle

Education - Lifestyle – Network.

Circle is more than a student agency is providing its services for free, and secure university life with the best prices for the students and aims to assist students before and after their university life. Circle offers mentoring a system for the students to assist and help them before, during and after their university life..

Our story

The circle of life evolves moves us all through sadness and hope through faith and love, till we find our path. We make friends, find companions. But then comes a time when we move on to new opportunities as we travel to new places, leaving our childhood, memories and comfort zones behind. It is not easy, we struggle, we get anxious, we may even think of giving up, but isn't that what we call conquering life? So we get up, we work hard to continue on to the circle of life. We meet more people, make more friends and form a community we call home. The home where you feel you belong. This is Our Circle, Your Circle!

Our Mission

To be home where students can find their passion and the community that supports them through the university journey to achieve beyond their limits.


We believe that in university journey is consisted of 3 parts which is Education, network and personality building.


Dedication of every student’s best.Trust and responsibility in all relationships. Teamwork. One family.

Our Vision

To give students the opportunity to make the education journey full of experience, memories and productivity.

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